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EdFin is a profit for purpose company that provides education finance services tailored to empower learners to thrive while learning and transition successfully into their careers. Edfin was established in 2018  by former International Students in United States & Australia.


Our mission is to help all learners to reach their potential, access high quality education and achieve their academic goals without undue financial stress. This will lead to a competent, engaged and effective global workforce.


We are on a mission to remove the barriers to:

  • Skill the unskilled
  • Upskill the under-skilled
  • Reskill the mis-skilled

Our vision is to build a financial services brand which will become the leading choice for education financing globally known for being customer-centric, mission driven and highly profitable.


We are driven to enhance the economic outlook of learners by appropriately skilling and availing opportunities for practical learning experiences.

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