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Finance your study with Edfin Tution fee loan

Fast & Easy Application Process

EdFin loans are for tuition fees and course costs only. You can borrow up to $4,000 at any one time. The Loan is a 12 months loan with zero interest if repaid within 6 months.

Step 1 - Loan Application

In order to apply for your loan, you will need to provide some information and documents;

1. Passport Data Page
2. Valid Australian Visa
3. Proof of Address in Australia
4. Confirmation of Enrolment in an Australian Institution
5. Last two payslip
Income and expenses
6. Access to your bank statement
7. Contact details of a friend

these help us make sure that its affordable for you to repay.

Step 2 - Assessment Time

Your loan application will be appraise on your personal circumstances and Australia's regulatory environment. You will ordinarily hear about your application within 2 business days.

Step 3 - Application Outcome

After we have assessed your loan application and conclude that that it is affordable for you to repay, we will approve your loan and send you a loan contract. Once we receive your signed loan contract and your Tuition Fee Invoice/offer letter with University and College bank details, we will proceed with payment.

Why apply with

Our Tuition fee loan could be the loan product for you. We are committed to helping you understand a Edfin loan, we will:

Our Clients Feedback

You will receive a ‘Welcome Pack’ which includes reminders and helpful information to guide you on your way to successful loan payment

Albert Azike
Solomon Aladino

EdFin tuition fee loan has helped me to meet my tuition fee obligation within 24hrs of applying. The Tuition fee loan provided to me has helped me to avoid non-enrolment and giving me the assurance that my tuition fees will be paid while I focus on my studies. Thank you to the management of EdFin for providing a great relief to me as a student and supporting my education journey.

Albert Azike

EdFin Loan provided the short fall of my tuition fee because of unexpected exchange rate flotation and reduces the stress for me in repaying the loan, the loan provided a better affordable alternative for me to pay my tuition fee with no interest and flexible repayment plan not commonly available with other lenders.

Solomon Aladino

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